The Travel Diaries: Cancun

Happy 2018 from Cancun!

Our first week in Mexico didn’t go to plan – in a good way

We flew here on December 23rd with the plan to take 2 weeks ‘r and r’ doing not very much on the beach before starting a guided tour of Central America in Mexico City on the 6th of January.  Cancun isn’t necessarily the place we’d have chosen, but we thought we wouldn’t care so much about that so long as there was a beach we could lay on.  I think were a bit wrong about that (he’s not so fussed), but let’s not dwell on it, we’ve plenty more adventures to come!

Anyway, we booked ourselves an AirBnB in a residential area just outside of the Hotel Zone (AKA away from the all inclusive party scene) but our first few days were actually spent in 5*+ luxury and it’s fair to say that it was incredible.  Our little de-tour also means we’ve already spent a little time in Playa del Carmen and figuring out the local transport, which was a lot easier than you might imagine and left us feeling like we could definitely handle this exploring malarkey.

When we left the (self proclaimed) Best Hotel in Mexico we travelled back to Cancun and settled in to our little apartment.  We explored what there is to explore in Cancun (hotels, bars (yup – there’s a Hooters) beaches and unless you go on an excursion that’s about it), found the supermarket, stocked up and got started researching the best beaches.  We found the quietest one we could, had chance to spend 1 full day there and then the weather forecast started to look like this:



This meant that after our day of getting our bearings and one whole day on the beach we found ourselves with some grey weather days predicted and made the decision to stay in, chill out and make a bit of a start on this blog. 

In all fairness our one beach day did look like this…

Week One - Palapa

Yesterday we decided to brave the weather forecast (Mexico’s prediction of ‘thunderstorms’ had so far actually been only a few grey clouds, and we British Rain Professionals decided that wouldn’t stop us), so we set off back to the beach and decided to stop for some lunch on the way.  After lunch on the Marina we were ready for a hectic afternoon of laying on the beach and reading snoozing when the rain actually came.  And that’s how we found ourselves in a Mexican cinema watching The Greatest Showman with Spanish subtitles on New Years Eve. 

Intrepid Exploring Travellers Tip for you – cinema tickets here are really blooming cheap.

By the time we left the cinema we had just enough time to do a quick supermarket trip for NYE supplies (‘Prosecco’ isn’t quite so cheap – about £20(!) a bottle and we’re backpackers don’t you know, so cheap red wine it was for us) and to hole up in our apartment cooking ragu, catching up on tv and falling asleep about 20 minutes before midnight (ok, that last bit was just Me). 

So it was in a decidedly grumpy state having been woken up that I was marched out to the garden area behind our apartment to try and watch the fireworks going off across the Hotel Zone over the lagoon.  A few of our neighbours seemed to be having garden parties in very good spirits so we lurked in the background and took in the atmosphere.  As the fireworks began and we listened to the locals wishing each other a happy new year, one of them jogged over to us with two plastic glasses filled with, well, we’re not actually sure (it was fizzy, we drank it) and wished us ‘Feliz Anos’.  We were so surprised and touched that we barely had time to get out our poorly pronounced Gracias’ before he’d disappeared off back to his friends.    

For the remainder of our time here in Cancun we’re planning a trip to Isla Mujeres and weather permitting a couple more days on the beach, before flying to Mexico City on the 5th.  There should be time for a few more posts before we leave here, but for now we wish you all Feliz Anos Nuevo!

One thought on “The Travel Diaries: Cancun

  1. Happy New Year guys, all looks amazing from here -so pleased you had a bit of luxury, you never know what’s around the corner. Did a sellout 3hr gig on eel pie last night.(Richmond Yacht club) lots love xxx

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