The Travel Diaries: Trinidad, Cuba


By the time we arrived in to the colonial town of Trinidad the sun was beginning to set.  We checked in to our ‘Casa Particular’ and met our new host family.  This Casa was a bit more commercially set up, with multiple rooms for guests so one of our fellow travellers also stayed with us.  Our host was big in to his family history, and the house was full of photographs and trinkets from years gone by which we enjoyed asking him about.  We must be honest, though, and say our favourite part of this Casa were the owner’s dogs.  Named ‘Scooby Doo’ and ‘Becky’ (#random) they were so friendly and cuddle hungry that we did spend a good deal of one of our evenings snuggling with them!


That night, we ate a local dinner and while I rested he ventured in to the town with some of our fellow travellers, exploring the cobbled street of Plaza Mayor and hitting up Rincon de la Salsa to watch some locals strut their stuff.


The next morning we set off to Playa Ancon and settled ourselves down on a couple of sun-beds for the day, carefully choosing one under a palapa for a bit of sun protection.  It was from this base that we frolicked in the Caribbean (a big deal for me, both ‘cos I’m not so good with the sea but also because I fairly successfully hopped in and out with a bit of help from him and a friend despite my dodgy foot), drank cocktails and generally basked in a day of relaxation.


Heading back in to town we found ourselves an opportunity for a vintage taxi ride with a couple of our group.


That evening we put on our smartest, least crumpled clothes (#backpackers) and took ourselves to Los Conspiradores on Calle Cristo for a post-beach day dinner.


This restaurant really stood out to us.  It is set right by the steps leading up to Iglesia de la Santisima where in the evenings live music and salsa dancing are set and the atmosphere is just magical.  The area is known as ‘Casa del la Musica’ or Home of the Music.  You just sit on the steps next to the cathedral and enjoy the free music.  In the evenings there is a cover charge of 1CUC but from Los Conspiradores we could hear the music, even if we couldn’t see it.


We enjoyed Canchánchara cocktails, a local favourite made up of rum, lime and honey and shared a rice dish similar to paella.


As we meandered back to our Casa that evening, we came across Cafe Fortuna, a really eclectic bar where the ceiling is covered in money from different countries and the seating options include sewing machine tables and a bathtub.  We forced ourselves to enjoy a Cuba Libre and a Mojito and tiptoed back in to our Casa to get some rest ahead of a long day of travel back to Havana, but there are other nightlife options in Trinidad, including the well-known Disco Ayala – literally a nightclub inside a cave!


Trinidad was the best-preserved Colonial town we saw in Cuba, with the old part of the town being a UNESCO site since 1988.  Trinidad, like most colonial towns, is gorgeous with brightly coloured buildings and cobblestone streets and as we said in our last post, it really was our favourite place in Cuba.


2 thoughts on “The Travel Diaries: Trinidad, Cuba

  1. Ahhh, Trinidad- my favourite place in Cuba too (despite the fact it was the stop where I sustained MY injury, slipping while hiking in Topes Collantes National Park!) but so worth it!! Agree Casa de la Musica was fabulous and so were the Canchancharras!! And I still dream of that lazy afternoon on Playa Ancon… sigh. Hope you’re fully recovered by now. Pics are beautiful btw!!


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